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Arab History


A short list, yes. I may add more. For now, I’m focused more on the history of Arab antisemitism, particularly as it pertains to current events.

The Grand Mufti and Hitler

Until I can dig up some more videos on this important and fascinating topic, may I suggest The Closed Circle by David Pryce Jones? It’s a good read, respectful and honest. The European sickness of virulent antisemitism has hit the Arab world particularly hard, thanks in part to several factors: Radicalized Islam, Exploitation by their leaders and by outside powers. Radical Islam and Jew hatred is not the sum and substance of Arabs. They are a fascinating and worthy people. Arabs are certainly more worthy than being put to  cynical use, as these people are being put to in recent years, by those who claim to love them.

But this latest exploitation as cannon fodder won’t end until the Arab world realizes her people have infinite value in the Creator’s eyes, HKB”H. Until then, what is to be done?

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