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Geert Wilders


Geert in New York Calls for an International 1st Amendment

Hat tip: Avid Editor’s Insights

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Mr. Wilder’s Film, Fitna

Hat tip: Avid Editor’s Insights

Geert Wilders is one of the most courageous men of our time. Because he has taken the time and assumed the risk of making and airing this video, I have devoted a page to his efforts to save us from the ravages of radical Islam.

A friend of mine recently imparted some profound wisdom. I was lamenting the prevalence of misguided Jews who seem to take the side of their sworn enemies, to which he responded, “That just proves the freedom of Judaism.” And I smiled. Something else to be grateful for had now entered into my thinking.

Ahhh, but we must remember… the opposite also says something. The lack of protest, the conformity of thinking within the Islamic world is evidence of the absolute shackles that Islam locks it’s members into, shackles of fear.  They try to do this with those they call “dhimmis” too, but Mr. Wilders refuses to act the part. Kol ha’kavod. Be well and be safe Mr. Wilders.

25 January 2009: Since I first posted this page about a year ago (can’t recall, but that sounds about right) Fitna has been taken down and put up several times on Youtube, Google Video and LiveLeak, due to death threats by Muslim fanatics. Since Fitna is again available at these sites, word has it that the threats have resumed. We’ll see who has a spine and who doesn’t, won’t we? We all need to take some lessons from Mr. Wilders.

Below, Glenn Beck interviews the man, Geert Wilders,  who made the movie “Fitna”. His life has been threatened by these same Islamofascists.
Pat Condell’s Analysis of Geert Wilders on Trial:
On egg-free omelets by Pat Condell:
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  1. 01/04/2008 00:14

    I watched this earlier today. It is horrific – I imagine my response is much as the world responded when the truth about Nazism came out – unbelievable.

    As the world chose to passively watch Hitler come to power and spread his poison, not stopping what he clearly declared he desired to accomplish, it appears to be doing once again.

    I went to the Wiki site at the end of the film and am amazed at the efforts of not letting this piece air – only brave sites like your own are allowing the world to see. Then the appeasers will declare “propoganda” and the majority will brush it aside as an effort to slander.

    And now America is pressuring Israel to open its checkpoints? Israel has a right to defend itself. Netanyahu’s right – we saw what happened when the Israelis surrendered the Lebanese territory (it was only using as a buffer zone) – the terrorists moved in and renewed their onslaught. No more territory needs to be given away! The pressure from the world needs to stop – we must stand by Israel.

    Believe it folks!! This is the agenda of radical Islam. Why won’t we take them at their word?

  2. elyakatz permalink
    01/04/2008 00:23


    Why won’t the world take evil at it’s word, whether it be called Nazism, Communism or Islamism? Because then we’d have to depart somewhat from our comfortable daily routines and actually DO something about it.

    That or admit we’re suicidal and irresponsible.

  3. 02/04/2008 03:42

    You are getting it said – You are doing much.

    I struggled with what I could do when I first viewed the video, and then did the cowardly thing…nothing.

    I continue to pray…

  4. elyakatz permalink
    02/04/2008 04:36


    Prayer is the most important thing to do. But you’re right that we can’t stop with that. In Hebrew, the expression “b’ezrat HaShem”, means with G-d’s help…meaning, He will help us, but He won’t do everything. If we sit passively and wait for Him to do something, while we do nothing, well…perhaps nothing is what we’ll get!!

    We are partners with Him in bringing light to the world.


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